A new brand of accessories, solar and timeless...

SAONA is a new accessories brand recently created by Victoria, a former press officer in the world of luxury. Always passionate about fashion and jewelry, she left press relations to follow her aspirations and give free rein to her creativity. After a few years spent under the Barcelona sun, she returned to Paris to develop her brand, which she wants to be chic and timeless.

... which puts Agate in the spotlight

This name, SAONA, echoes the eponymous island located on the west coast of Formentera. A place still preserved, whose nature of wild beauty is a true source of inspiration. The contrast of the turquoise waters which go from a deep blue to crystalline, combined with the passion for precious stones, gave birth to this House which puts Agate in the spotlight. A multifaceted stone which belongs to the chalcedony family and which is distinguished by its play of transparency and opacity. Very popular, sometimes even considered as a talisman with protective virtues, it brings luck, anchoring and balance to the person who wears it.

For a casual or sophisticated look

SAONA draws its DNA from these shades of color through a collection of necklaces and bracelets. Both modern and timeless, these new essentials enhance both casual and sophisticated looks.

With adjustable clasps

Thanks to its adjustable “LOCK” clasp, the necklaces can be worn in a “milong” or “choker” version to suit every outfit.

Various shapes and colors

They also reveal a wide selection of pearls with rounded shapes, but also tubes and latterly domed with “cabochons”. Gold and silver plated beads sometimes appear to punctuate and highlight the brilliance of this succession of colored stones.